Tork Premium Foam Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer- 401213

Article: 401213

Tork Premium Foam Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer provides an alcohol-free alternative to efficient hand hygiene, sanitizing and disinfecting hands quickly without water. Perfect for critical needs healthcare environments, food processing and food preparation areas. Suitable for Tork Skincare dispensers for soap and hand sanitizers, with proven easy-to- use design, promote good hand hygiene for all visitors.

Article : 401213

Refill ID : S4

Volume : 1L/bottle

Quality level: Premium

Color :Transparent

Number of doses: 2375




Unit/TRP : 6

Long :290 mm

Width : 196 mm

Height : 265 mm

Volume : 15.1 dm3

Gross Weight : 5.5 kg

Net Weight : 4.8 kg

Packaging : carton