Tork Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitizer (Biocide) – 520101

Article: 520101

Help to prevent infections with leave-on Tork Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitizer with 75% denatured alcohol (w/w). It’s ideal for sanitising hands when no water is available, especially in offices and other public areas. Conforms with the European Standard EN1500. Suitable for Tork Foam soap dispensers, which are easy to use and provide good hand hygiene to all users.

Article : 520101

Refill ID : S4

Volume : 950mL/bottle

Quality level: Premium

Color :Transparent

Number of doses: 2375




Unit/TRP : 6

Long :290 mm

Width : 196 mm

Height : 265 mm

Volume : 15.1 dm3

Gross Weight : 5.5 kg

Net Weight : 4.8 kg

Packaging : carton